Dr. Rada West

Dr. Rada West is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with formal training in clinical neuropsychology. Dr. West specializes in developmental, neuropsychological, psychological and independent psychoeducational evaluations from infancy through young adults. She works collaboratively with families and professionals to ensure accurate results. The evaluations conducted are intended to identify developmental disabilities and central nervous system dysfunctions, including, but not limited to intellectual disability, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, head injury, seizure disorders and psychiatric disorders. Assessments include state of the science, evidence-based measures that are sensitive to age, education, as well as, culture and are selected based on referral questions and individual needs.

Dr. West received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in lifespan neuropsychology at Alliant International University (AIU)-California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Fresno, CA. She completed a formal one-year internship at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation Inc. in West Orange, New Jersey with focus on rehabilitation and neuropsychology. She completed a two-year fellowship in neuropsychology at Sharp Rehabilitation Center in San Diego, CA, with adolescent, adult and geriatric populations. Her passion for working with children brought her to obtain training in developmentalĀ  psychology from Rady Childrenā€™s Hospital, San Diego, CA. Following completion of her training, Dr. West was hired at Rady Children's Hospital, Developmental Evaluation Clinic as a full time Clinical Psychologist where she conducted developmental, psychological, and neuropsychological evaluations with the pediatric population (ages 0-16 years of age).

Dr. West has been licensed since 2006 and she started her private practice in 2014. She is bilingual, Russian speaking and can provide evaluations in Russian on a limited basis.







Dr. West started her private practice to further support and ensure access to persons in need of an evaluation.

I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding the services I provide. I am looking forward to hearing from you!